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Real Saw Blades From Real Saw Blade People
with over 45 years of quality saw grinding!


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Factory Sharpening Service

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Are you frustrated with your local sharpening service?

If you are tired of poorly sharpened saw blades and are looking for a high quality saw & tools service company that sharpens all brands send your dull blades, bits, cutters, and knives to the experts at Ridge Carbide Tool.

The RCT Tool Doctors will quality sharpen your tired tools back to good health using our 1200 grit grinding process and make them feel sharper and cut better then ever before.

Ridge Carbide is a full service saw blade repair & sharpening center. We will return your dull,damaged, warped or wobbly saw blades back to you like new. And sometimes better than new, Guaranteed Satisfaction!


Please be aware that sharpening services are delayed due to limited staffing as a result of the Covid pandemic. We appreciate your patience as we work hard to take care of your sharpening needs.

Saw Blade Sharpening

Saw Blade Size Price
Up to 12 Teeth $15.00
13 to 24 Teeth $18.00
25 to 40 Teeth $20.00
41 to 60 Teeth $22.00
61 to 80 Teeth $25.00
81 to 100 Teeth $27.00
101 to 120 Teeth $30.00
Additional Charges
Blades 14" to 16" Diameter $3.50
Blades 17" to 20" Diameter $7.00
Replace Missing Saw Tip Add to Above Sharpening Price $6.00 each

Dado Set Sharpening

6 Pc. Stack Set - 2 Blades & 4 Two-Tip, Chippers Price
Wobble Dado Head $25.00
6 to 12 Tooth Blades Set $39.95
13 to 24 Tooth Blades Set $45.95
25 to 36 Tooth Blades Set $48.95
Dado Master (w/Multi-Tooth Chippers) $59.95
Dado Tip Replacements $8.00 each
Guaranteed Flat Bottom Cuts

Router Bit Sharpening

Up to 1-1/4" Cutting Diameter Price
1 Flute Carbide Plunge $5.00
2 Flute Carbide Plunge $6.00
3 Flute Carbide Plunge $7.00
2 Flute with Bearing Guide $7.00
3 Flute w/Bearing Guide $8.00
SM.2 Flute Form Bit $8.50
LG.2 Flute Form Bit $14.50
Raised Panel Bits up to 3-1/2" Diameter $15.00
2PC Stile and Rail Bit Set $30.00
HSS Router Bit $5.00
Repoint New End on Router Bit $8.00
Spiral Bits Sharpening Call For Price

Cutter & Knife Sharpening

Carbide Tip Price
3 Wing up to 1-1/4" Wide $15.00
3 Wing Raised Panel $25.00
High Speed Steel
3 Wing up to 1-1/4" Wide $12.00
3 Wing Raised Panel $20.00
Planer & Jointer Knives per in. / per knife
Solid Carbide or Carbide Tipped $2.50
High Speed Steel $0.75