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10" x 40T STR -2 Hook .087/ .125" TS2000 Flat Top Box Joint Blade for Radial Arm Saw

  • $149.00

10" x 40 Teeth x 1/8" Kerf, All Flat Tooth Design For Box & Finger Joints

Only Ridge Carbide Tool Company’s Super Saw Blades TS2000 and RS1000 woodworking blades are Guaranteed to cut super smooth, swirl free cuts without stabilizers for its usable life.

Fine Woodworking magazine reviewed and tested thirty saw-blades. We’re proud to say that our TS-2000 combo blade was rated excellent in all areas. We even ran truer than the most popular blade on the market. Today we feel honored once again. Our TS-2000 combo blade isn’t only the choice of many seasoned woodworkers, it’s the Editor’s Choice, given to us by American Woodworker magazine. And after being put to the test again, against eighteen competitors, we wear this honor proudly. (See AW issue #65, page 66, April 1998).

  • Square cut for box joints and draw bottoms
  • C-4 Micro-Grain carbide tips 1/3 larger than the best known blades
  • Can also be used as a rip saw blade for cuts with the grain
  • Not for cutting plywood veneers
  • Carbide teeth are ground to a 1200 grit micro finish for razor sharpness
  • 20-25 blade sharpenings possible
  • The 30mm bore option DOES have universal pinholes for machines such as Felder

Note this sawblade has a NEGATIVE HOOK ANGLE which is intended for use on Radial Arm Saw.

The expansion slot may not be identical to that shown on the website image, but saw performance will not be affected.

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