About Us

Ridge Carbide Tool is a detail oriented second generation family owed micro saw blade company which takes great pride in providing excellent customer service second to none, which is the reason why we do not mass market our blades or sell through to big box retailers. Our superior blade quality is revealed in the finished quality cuts our customers are able to achieve on their projects and products.

For over 45 years Ridge Carbide Tool has expertly ground thousands of saw blades that have been designed to cut smoother, easier, faster, splinter and chip free. Our blades provide better cutting performance due to correct tooth design, material selection, painstaking manufacturing execution along with constant monitoring during all aspects of production. Our family focus has always been a fierce pursuit of excellence to keep our niche in today's global market. Once you try a Ridge Blade you will understand what real quality saw blades are and what it can do for you. We stand behind our blades 100%.

That's why we say they're "Real Saw Blades From Real Saw Blade People"