Back Angle
Clearance angle at top of blade. Affects shoulder strength and changes with blade type.
Copper Plug
Press‐fit into saw plate to assist with vibration dampening and noise reduction.
Expansion Slot
Reduces vibration and noise. Allows expansion and contraction caused by heating.
Flat plane of each tip that is parallel with hook angle.
Area / volume between shoulder and next tip into which material being cut gathers and is ejected.

Bolt Hole Circle
The common diameter for all pinholes on the sawblade.

Saw blades are mounted to the cutting machine.
Also known as the arbor hole.

Hook Angle
Angle formed between tooth face and a radial line from center of bore.
Forward leaning = Positive

Backward leaning = Negative

Alternate Face Bevel
Provide angle bevel on tooth face for ATB grind only.
Carbide tip width measured at widest point.
Radial Side Clearance (Top‐Btm)
Angle created by precision grinding to prevent side of tip from contacting material being cut and causing melting or burning.
Tangential Clearance (Front‐Back)
Relief from front of tip to back of tip to provide clearance during cutting to prevent melting or burning.
Top Bevel Angle
Created by precision grinding the top of each tip. A steeper (larger) angle provides a sharper tooth,
but one which becomes dull more quickly.