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Package Your Sawblades for Sharpening

Carefully and securely packaging your dull sawblades will prevent carbide tip damage during shipping. This article shows 10" diameter blades being packaged and the same method can be used for 12" and larger diameters.

Follow these simple steps to make sure we receive your sawblades in the same condition in which they were shipped!

Items Needed:

  • Cardboard
  • Stapler
  • Tape
  • Measuring Tape
  • A Medium Flat Rate Box from the Post   Office (Free)


  • Sawblades
  • Marker
  • Box knife or scissors
  • Ridge Carbide Tool (RCT) Sharpening Form
  • RCT Return Label

Step 1: Print and fill-out Sharpening Form from RCT website

Step 2: Preparing the outside box

You will need a medium Priority Mail sized box, a dark marker and a knife.

Tear / open box along glued seam.

It should look like the picture below.

Trace pattern below on to box.

(The lines with arrows are existing seams in the box.)

Cut on the black lines.

You are done with the outside box!

Set the box to the side and continue to step 3.

Step 3: Protecting the sawblades.

You will need cardboard squares and a stapler.

Place sawblade between two (2) pieces of cardboard.

Cardboard should be one (1) inch bigger than the diameter of the blade.

For example: The diameter of this sawblade is 10" so the cardboard is 11" x 11"

Staple in spots marked by "X"

Then, flip over box so you are stapling the other direction.

Staple in spots marked with "X"

The bottoms of the first round of staples can be seen.

Place the 2nd sawblade on top of cardboard.

Put 3rd piece of cardboard over sawblade and staple all the way around cardboard.

Apply firm pressure on stapler.

This is how the side of the package should look.

This method provides a cardboard layer between each sawblade.

The staples must go completely through the cardboard and be clinched.

Tape around all edges of the wrapped sawblades.

This will insure that your sawblades will not move/slide during shipping.

Note: Package a maximum of two (2) sawblades per package.

Step 4: Preparing package shipping

You will need the outside box (Step 2), wrapped sawblades (Step 3), RCT Sharpening form and RCT Return Address Label.

Place the wrapped sawblades and the Sharpening Form in middle of the outside box.

You can place several "packages" of wrapped sawblades in the outside box.

Do not forget the Sharpening Form!

Push down top flap.

Peel the paper off of the sticky tape on box.

Push flap firmly down onto box.

Repeat with other side.

With both sides held in-place, this is what your package should look like.

Tape the top flap down.

Tape around both of the edges of the inside flaps so there are no loose edges.

Tape around all four (4) edges of package. Use filament tape (to provide more strength) if you are sending several blades for sharpening.

Last but not least, tape return label onto the package and you are ready to ship using USPS Priority Mail Service!