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Ridge Blades

Ridge Blades

What sets Ridge Blades apart over other brands is the combination of low side taper of .001 on the side of the carbide tooth and a very true saw body with only .000 to .0015 thousands of an inch run out. The combination of these two factors will turn your table saw into a jointer and will produce super smooth jointed edges on your boards which will require no extra work other then gluing your boards together.

All Ridge Blades are manufactured with meticulous attention to every aspect of quality design and engineering. Every Ridge Blade is precision handcrafted with over 55 years of experience and will exceed your expectations. We guarantee it!

Most Other Blades

Other Blades

Most other brands have a high side taper .005 to .010, which leave high corners on the top of the carbide tooth. Other blades also have a plate run out of .003 to .010. The combination of high corners and blade run out in most cases will leave scratch saw marks on you boards which will require additional jointing and sanding.