Learn about common top grinds.

Alternate Top Bevel ‐ ATB
Each tooth has top bevel typically between 10 and 20 degrees. Two (2) teeth are required to provide a full kerf cut. Provides low cutting pressures which reduce material tearing during the cutting process and provides a fine cutting finish. Best performance cross cutting.
Does NOT cut a Flat Bottom.

High Alternate Top Bevel ‐ Hi ATB
Identical configuration to ATB, but each tooth has top bevel of 30 degrees or more. The greater angle can cause faster wearing/dulling. Combine with Micro‐5 carbide to increase time between sharpenings. Ideal for cutting of laminated materials. Provides a fine cutting finish with proper sharpening.
Does NOT cut a Flat Bottom.

Alternate with Raker ‐ AR 4+1
Similar configuration to ATB, but every fifth (5th) tooth (for 4+1 configuration) is a raker (square shoulder, no top bevel). This raker helps keep the sawblade "straight" during the cutting process. This design can be used for rip cutting and cross cutting in a variety of hard woods, soft woods, plywood and chipboard. This design can be produced in a 2+1 configuration if required by the number of teeth on the sawblade (48 teeth for example).
Does NOT cut a Flat Bottom as this configuration creates "cat ears" or "bat ears" at each corner of the groove.

Straight Top Grind ‐ STR
Also known as a Flat Top Grind (FTG), each tooth will cut full kerf making this design very effective for removing material. Typically used for rip cutting hardwood and softwood, this design is also used for Box Joint sawblades to provide a Flat Bottom groove.
Produces a FLAT BOTTOM.

Triple Chip Grind ‐ TCG
This design uses a trapezoidal tooth with 45 deg (typically) bevel on each side followed by a lower, STR tooth (Flat Top raker) tooth for clean‐out. This is a strong tooth design for cutting harder materials such as manmade laminates (single sided) and non‐ferrous materials (aluminum). Also can be used for rip cutting, but not recommended for cross-cutting natural wood materials.

Modified Triple Chip Grind ‐ TC45
This design starts with TCG configuration, but the STR (raker) tooth has a small 45 degree chamfer on each corner which eliminates the "sharp" corner. The addition of this chamfer, along with special side clearances, provides the best possible finish on some double face laminates, plastics and solid surface materials.