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10" x 48T 25 ATB +20 Hk .050/.080" TS2000 Ultra TK Combo Blade

  • $189.00
  • Ultimate Combo Blade ATB Tooth design.
  • Super thin .080 kerf thickness or minimal stock removal.
  • Cut hard and soft wood super slick on both rips and cross cuts.
  • Stabilizers recommended - one on each side of blade
  • Maximum material thickness is 3/4"


This design consists of a 48 Teeth with 25° alternate top bevel and is the ultimate table saw for the most demanding woodworker.

  • C-4 Micro-Grain carbide tips 1/3 larger than the best known blades
  • Rips and crosscuts hard and soft wood
  • No bottom splintering on plywood veneers
  • Multiple blade sharpenings possible
  • The 30mm bore option DOES include Universal Pinholes for machines such as Felder

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