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10" x 40T AR 4+1 +15 Hk .094 / .125" TS2000 Super Combo Blade

  • $149.00
  • Feeds easily when used for moderate rips and crosscuts on a table saw.
  • Raker tooth design for nearly a flat bottom cut.
  • Smooth rip and cross cuts which eliminates the need for sanding.
  • Large C4 carbide allows multiple sharpenings and long service life.
  • The 30mm bore option DOES include Universal Pinholes for machines such as Felder


The TS2000 is the American Woodworker and WOOD Magazine's top rated all purpose 40 tooth combination table saw blade that out performed 30 other brands in their tests. It’s serious woodworkers first choice, get super smooth (as sanded) rip and crosscut on all hardwoods and softwoods up to 2" thick. Get clean crosscuts and rips on plywood without bottom blowout. The TS2000 full kerf 1/8” blade are roller tensioned steel body that is designed to remain stable and harmonic free during the most demanding cutting situations. No dampeners are needed to get superior performance so you can use the blades full depth. The TS2000 has C4 micrograin carbide teeth that are computer machine ground on European CNC saw grinders. All teeth go through a four step shaping and sharpening process. The final 1200 grit finish pass creates a super fine razor sharp edge. Customers tell us that there blade lasted 3 to 5 years before it needed sharpening. The TS2000 has WH style carbide teeth that are 1/3 larger than most other brands which can be resharpened 20 times due to increased thickness. Other low cost blades have a .010” radial or side clearance to keep irregular teeth from rubbing on the sides of the cut resulting in scratchy saw cut and burn marks. The TS2000 is so accurate that the radial clearance is reduced to a mere .001” which dramatically improves the smoothness of the finished cut. The TS2000 runout is .001" to .0015," other blades might have .008” - .012” side run out which can result in inferior cuts. The best feature the TS2000 has are the 8 flat top raker teeth among the 32 ATB teeth. Every fifth tooth on the blade is a flat clean out tooth which cuts a crisp flat bottom. Finally now you can own a real all purpose blade you can not only do excellent rips and crosscuts and is also great for box and finger joints or quick dado cut without having to change blades.

The expansion slot may not be identical to that shown on the website image, but saw performance will not be affected.

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