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10 x 80 TC45 +5 Hk  .072 / .110" TS2000 Plex Cut

10 x 80 TC45 +5 Hk .072 / .110" TS2000 Plex Cut

  • $189.00
  • Special no-melt side grind specification.
  • TC45 tooth design to minimize chipping.
  • Positive 5 degrees hook angle.
  • For use on table saw machine.
  • The 30mm bore option DOES include Universal Pinholes for machines such as Felder
Designed for cutting hard and soft plastic materials.  Special tooth design for cutting plastics such as nylon, acrylic, plexiglass, lucite, ABS, lexan, and PVC pipe where melting is a problem. Good for material thickness up to 3/8 inch. Contact Ridge Carbide for cutting materials in excess of 3/8".  Special design available for vinyl cutting.

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