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120mm x 24T x +10 Hook x 3.1 - 4.1mm Kerf - Conic Scoring Saw

  • $105.00

    Single blade scoring saw designed for use with panel saw machines to score the bottom of laminated and veneered panels.  Unlike standard carbide-tipped sablades, the Conic design's kerf is larger/wider at the bottom of the tip.

    This "conic" tooth design allows the sawblade to be centered with the panel saw blade and then raised to provide a slightly wider "score groove" than the panel sawblade's kerf.  The typical depth of the score is 1/32".

    • C-4 Micro-Grain carbide tips provides long service life between sharpenings
    • Multiple blade sharpenings possible
    • Available in STR (flat top) or ATB Top Grinds

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