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Split Scoring Saw Blades

  • $120.00

For scoring of laminated board materials in conjunction with panel sizing saw blades on table saws.  Use metal or plastic shims to set the correct scoring width to be slightly wider (.005") than main blade (panel saw) kerf width.

Ref. No Dia Kerf Range Plate Bore Teeth Hook
120mm 2.8-3.6mm 2.0mm 20mm 2×12 12°
RSS12012-22 120mm 2.8-3.6mm 2.0mm 22mm 2×12 12°
RSS12012-34 120mm 2.8-3.6mm 2.0mm 3/4″ 2×12 12°
RSS12012-50 120mm 2.8-3.8mm 2.0mm 50mm 2×12 12°
RSS12512-22 125mm 2.8-3.6mm 2.0mm 22mm 2×12 12°

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