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RS1000 15" x 100 Tooth Miter Saw For Wood or Aluminum

SKU: RS115100

ATBR tooth design for nearly flat bottom cuts on wood.
TCG tooth design for non ferrous material such as aluminum, brass and copper.
Negative 2 degrees face hook.
For Miter and Radial arm machines.
Cross-cut ALL PURPOSE blade gives scratch-free POLISHES cuts on wood and non ferrous materials.
Eliminates bottom splintering on cross cuts on wood and burr's on non ferrous material.
C-4 carbide teeth for long blade life.
Blade Size: 15"
Blade Teeth: 100
Blade Bore: 1"
Blade Hook: 5° neg.

Product Details

The RS1000 is the top rated all purpose cross cut blade by Fine Home Building Magazine. It is the perfect blade for your radial arm saw, chop saw, and compound miter saw. The RS1000 will produce scratch free polished cuts on all materials. It will reduce jump in on your radial arm saw and will give you better pull control also eliminated bottom splintering on radial crosscuts